calling_alice (calling_alice) wrote in sip,


I posted here before under the name opal_brandytook. I'm the one who posted those risque SiP "portraits", lol. I admit I stopped reading SiP since 2000 I think because I became so frustrated. David is dead, huh? Too bad since he was my favorite character. I would have found it interesting if Francine, Katchoo and David raised a family together, wasn't happy to hear that Terry directly quoted "Good Will Hunting" but truthfully I've been finding things from TV and Movies in his comic since well... I stopped reading.

So does anyone remember that dream Francine had of her, Katchoo and David as kids, where Katchoo is picking on David and Francine starts defending David? At the end she says to herself "I love David?" Whatever happened to that barely there subplot???
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