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LJ Icons

*waves hi*

So it occurred to me after bewailing the small amount of SIP icons around and proceeding to make my own for personal use, that other people might like some too. (...It occurred to me after using them for a year. I'm slow that way.) So I thought I'd gather them up and...they didn't fit in one post. Or two posts.

So, um, yes. Have 508 Strangers In Paradise icons, plus a Francine mood-theme, over at my own journal so I don't spam the community. Want, take, have, adapt. I don't mind being noted in the icon keywords (at least for the ones I did the coloring on) but the only credit I really care about staying with the images is Terry Moore's. Comments delightful but not necessary.

Francine icons
Katchoo icons
OTP, supporting character, and digitally-colored icons

For the curious, the ones that I didn't colorize (which is most of them) come from covers, calendars/postcards, the trading card set, and the color issues in volume 3. (And the lopsidedness towards Francie and Katchoo is because the icons were mostly made for personal fic/RP, not because I lack love for Casey, David, and the rest of the gang.)
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