Mz. Witchipoo (redwitchesbrew) wrote in sip,
Mz. Witchipoo

Strangers In Paradise/Terry Moore Signing, NYC June 2007

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Isn't he one of the nicest guys ever? I met him three times, twice at San Diego ComiCon and once at WizardWorld. He was so nice; they even remembered me from the previous year when I visited the booth again the second time I was at ComiCon. He did at least two sketches for me and signed a bunch of stuff. I *heart* Terry Moore!
He is a really nice person. He even took the time to take a look at some of my artwork...a helluva lot nicer than Adrian Tomine (artist of Optic Nerve)!

I'm sorry to see SIP, but all good things eventually come to an end. I'm glad that Francine and Katchoo finally found each other.