Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote in sip,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Question for those who have read the whole series

Got #90 today and two things came to mind.

1) Was anyone else a little disappointed that he never circled back to the more bittersweet ending shown in the "flash forward ten years" sequences early volume three? (Issues v. 3 1-3 or so)

2) Does anyone remember the issue with the "alternative ending" - it had an older Francine and Katchoo, with two teenage girls in tow, one white, one hapa, who seemed very close. Wow it wasn't quite like that, my memory is weird.

Issue number? (It's around here somewhere.) Thanks Origami Agent, it's #43 At the end of that issue, there was a little note about how this was an alternate ending - this supposed alternate ending was indeed the one we ended up with, y/n?

(No, but closer than the first ending. )

I was curious for many years in how he'd get the characters back to the original ending without a retcon. D'oh.

I realize he loves his characters and wants them to be happy, but I felt like the ending we got didn't fit them. Tambi/Casey pairing? Too tidy for me. Cute, but nowhere near the impact of the tears in Marie's eyes at the end of the first ending.
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