Dextra (dextradawn) wrote in sip,

Issue 90

So, has everyone else read it yet? Thoughts?

Myself, I thought it was a good ending. It seemed to wrap up all the loose ends. Ever since Francine's miscarriage and leaving Brad, it almost looked as if Ashley had been written out of existence, but I had a feeling it would work out this way, and Koo as well (if that's what David and Katchoo's daughter is still named as). I was still kind of getting a toothache with Tambi and Casey, though. But, if anyone could pierce through Tambi's armor, Casey is stubborn enough to do it.

I will say that I thought that Francine and Katchoo being magically pregnant at the same time irked me. Katchoo's pregnancy made sense, because of the obvious effort that was involved. But Francine too? That just seems stuck on there. Brad was cheating on her when he wasn't working, and then Griffin Maybe she gave him one last go before giving up on him completely, but it seems highly unlikely.

I really think Terry was trying to please everyone, and also trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible by Issue 90. Perhaps if he had stretched it out to 100 issues, he could have come to the same ending, only have it make more sense by fleshing out the whole Tambi/Casey thing, and Francine's mysterious conception. But that's just me. Anyone else?
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