Patrick (severus89) wrote in sip,

I just got issue #89 last night and read it pretty much right when I got home (I think I might have done the dishes first though).  I'm just so disappointed with the way Terry has let the series' quality fall at the end of its run, especially with how much I have loved each book up until some of the more recent issues. 

Tambi and Casey's scene together:

"It's not your fault." 
"It's not your fault." 
"It's not your fault." 

Sorry Terry, but I have seen Good Will Hunting and you completely ripped one of its more memorable scenes.  Come on. 

Plus the way Katchoo and Francine are interacting with each other feels so forced and labored to me.  It doesn't feel real. 

Maybe it's better that the series is ending in just one more issue.  I'd hate to have to come to the realization that it's better to stop picking up each issue of this series that I once so passionately loved reading.

I realize that there will probably be a lot of people that disagree with me and that's alright.  We all are entitled to our opinions.  But I just can't help feeling that I, a loyal reader since I picked up Issue 1 of the first Volume (First volume, not the First mini-series), have been let down.
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